2000 - doors

The doors were a series of works that Ann produced over two years; 1999 and 2000. They are paintings on wooden, cardboard core doors found in hardware supplies stores. The theme of the work was Africa and the aim was to somehow take painting off the gallery walls and install it in such a way that the works could be walked through like walking through a landscape. The idea of working with dancers and music came next and Ann contacted the Tumbuka Dance Company in Harare and Steve Dyer, composer and musician, in Johannesburg. Together they originated and produced a piece named Hoch–Koche, which used the painted doors as their inspiration. 4 metre drops were used in the staged performances that travelled to festival venues in Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa. The Tumbuka dance Company took the piece to the Avignon festival in France in 2001 and were invited back to tour France with it in 2002.

It was also performed at the Johannesburg Dance Umbrella in 2002.