2006 - lexicon

Lexicon. 2006, (49 pieces 25 x 25cm each) Lino and mixed media on textile. This piece will always be made up of 49 separate works that are made to hang together. As I sell individual works from the piece I will replace them with new work in the same format, made with current images. In this way in a year or two the piece will have evolved into a completely new and different work. I have always collected cloth, words and images. I am in the process of constructing my own lexicon from this collection, a personal record of my own particular heritage. My visual language, dialogues with the visual language found in the wax-prints: I place my history into the history of the cloth; I place myself into the material of Africa, the place where I have right of domicile, Botswana. The difference in style and content within each piece that I make, set up patterns and resonance's; overlapping motifs and colours create new narratives with their own particular dialogues.