2010 - landscapes

Landscape is a difficult genre in contemporary art practice and presents a painter with a number of unavoidable problems; originality, form, content. There are always the pitfalls of the political, picturesque and pretty, to do battle with. Therefore these works rely on the material itself to create an idea of an image in the mind's eye. 

The stretched canvases, flooded with acrylic and water based ink, eight in all, each representing the colours of the rainbow, create landscapes of the heart. They allow for a space that alludes to the magnificent natural spaces of Botswana.

In exhibition the landscape series was accompanied by a series of short haikuesque poems by visual artist, poet and performer Ngozi Chukura. Ngozi has written a piece to each colour: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. The words make passionate and sublime companions to each 'landscape'. November 2010. 

YELLOW                             ORANGE                               RED                                        GREEN                                        BLUE                                       

"seeping potent                  "thorny horizon                     "hung: dripping rain                "the yearning pushes through     "rooted t the sky             

drawing near to sunrise      exhaling dust in devotion      into flesh, earthen ancestry      reaching into cacophony            sewn, as a feather           

from cryptic night"              to a dusky romance"             steeped in histories"                with uterine silence"                  embroidered with flight"


INDIGO                                         VIOLET                                                                                                                 

"potent fecundity                          "agitated thought hovers

whispered, liquid                          to kiss the sweet gashes

sucked into secretive rivers"         of desire"