2016 - Fairy Tales

Watercolour on paper x 12 pieces, size variable

Each work in the set is approx. 20 x 20 cm.

This is an on going project that tries to tackle several issues at once, gender, race, survival within some sort of an historical context.

The idea was inspired by a set of three plaster and gilt, paste frames that I bought at an antiques market in Bermondsey, London. I wanted to put something into the frames that could start a conversation.

I thought about all the things I might save in the world when the end came and I was told to take only what I could carry.

As a woman I carry my children inside me.

I chose some of my favourites from the kingdoms of flora and fauna, some great mothers like the hyena and the scorpion, also some great beauties and some small curiosities.

Most cleverly I got two men in suits to carry me along with all my wishes.